Investment Research Trends
Market Research that reflects the real world.
Investment Research Trends enables the world's top companies to make strategic decisions, backed by real world data from users and decision makers we custom recruit for every study.
$14 Billion
In investments, underpinned by our market research
$52 Billion
In recurring revenue, backed by our data and insight
Innovative solutions
We specialize in surveys, interviews and focus groups that deliver powerful insight from B2B and B2C decision makers and users. Understand your market, customers and competition with our expertly-developed surveys and interviews–underpinned by our precision respondent recruitment.
“Traditional market research providers delivered low quality results that didn’t answer our questions. Investment Research Trends’s data and insight changed the way we do business.”
–Fortune 500 CEO
Elevate your research expectations
We recruit the most qualified respondents for every study. Each respondent set is built from scratch to meet your objectives–no outsourcing or panels ever.
Our research moves at the speed of your business. From survey launch to insight delivery, we meet challenging deadlines without comprising results.
Our experienced team provides insights that enable confident decision making. We help you focus on the data that really makes a difference in your business.
Significant data volume leads to confident decision making. We reliably and rapidly capture greater volumes of respondents than our competitors.
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